YourDataConnect Case Migration Management

By Sanjay Sreenivas

YourDataConnect Case Migration Management is a process that strives to achieve a specific objective by handling cases from beginning to end. This can involve a number of YourDataConnect teams, as well as a variety of processes.

All ServiceNow incidents are migrated with YourDataConnect including fields and related objects using Natural Processing Language (NLP). It then notifies a group of users to fix that case depending  on its severity.

Figure 1: ServiceNow Incident
Figure 2: Case in YourDataConnect

Once a case is created an email will sent to the database owner in YourDataConnect which states the database is not accessible.

Figure 3: Email to Database Owner
Figure 4: Resolved Case in YourDataConnect

When  the case is resolved in YourDataConnect, then it will sync with the ServiceNow incident and notify the incident owner to resolve.

Figure 5: Resolved Incident in ServiceNow

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