YDC Recommendation Engine Leverages Data Engineering for Data Monetization Insights

A number of our clients love YDC’s Data Balance Sheet and Data Valuation Engine (www.yourdataconnect.com). However, the next question is whether YDC can recommend specific data monetization insights based on its industry experience. 

Enter, the YDC Recommendation Engine, which is a new module to drive data valuation and monetization insights using internal and external data. 

Here are a few sample data monetization insights:

  • “Can I enter a Ticker Symbol and generate a Data Balance Sheet using only public data?”
  • “What is the average cost of payment and downtime of a ransomware attack?”
  • “How would we value Phase III Oncology clinical trial data based on the probability of success, costs, revenues and gross margin?”
  • “How does our estimated Data Management Spend compare to the competition?”
  • “How does our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) compare to our industry peers?”
  • “What are the typical fines for regulations in our industry (e.g., Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, European Union General Data Protection Regulation)?”

YDC leverages dozens of internal and external data sources to drive data monetization insights, the number keeps increasing daily (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Sample data sources for YDC Recommendation Engine.

YDC also partnered with Information Asset (www.information-asset.com) to scale out a data engineering capability to automation the ingestion of internal and external data sources (Figure 2). The solution leverages Apache Airflow, Python, PostgreSQL and Tableau.

Figure 2: Data engineering architecture for YDC Recommendation Engine.

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