Webinar: Demonstrating Quantifiable Financial Benefits from Enterprise Data Management

About the Webinar

Data monetization is a cross-functional discipline that draws from best practices in Enterprise Data Management (EDM), technology, legal engineering, and finance to leverage data to increase revenues, reduce costs, and manage risk. EDM programs have generally found it extremely difficult to get senior management buy-in the absence of regulatory pressures or the fear of a data breach. Data monetization is an approach to drive quantifiable business benefits from data and information. This bottom-line driven approach is key to generating business adoption with stakeholders.
This session will review the key aspects of data monetization:

  • Introduction to Data Monetization
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Build Inventory of Use Cases
  • Develop Business Cases
  • Execute Initiatives
  • Realize Business Benefits
  • Legal Engineering and Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Marketplace

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