U.S. Housing Finance Agencies Have Aggregate Data Value of $2.2 Billion, or Approximately 9% of Operating Revenues But is Data Management Spend Optimized?

Sunil Soares – CEO & Founder, YDC / Max Moeller – Data Analyst, YDC

Government Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) in the United States are sitting on aggregate data value of $2.2 billion, or approximately nine percent of operating revenues. The HFAs are state or federally chartered authorities established to help meet the affordable housing needs of residents. Although they vary widely in characteristics such as their relationship to state government, most HFAs are independent entities that operate under the direction of a board of directors appointed by each state’s governor. 

Public policy and privacy considerations will likely not permit HFAs to directly monetize their data. However, the HFAs should be able to utilize this analysis to optimize their investment in data management including the appointment of a Chief Data Officer (CDO).

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