DMIᵀᴹ Index for Bank Compliance with LFI Rating System

December 13, 2021 Summary The Large Financial Institution (LFI) rating system is a key component of the compliance regimen for the largest banks in the United States. In the absence of a satisfactory LFI rating from the United States Federal Reserve, banks cannot buy back stock, pay dividends or make acquisitions.  Most publicly-traded banks in […]

Operationalizing Financial Services Data Monetization for the Large Financial Institution Rating System with YDC

The Large Financial Institution (LFI) rating system is governed by the United States Federal Reserve Board. LFI provides a supervisory evaluation of whether a covered firm possesses sufficient financial and operational strength and resilience to maintain safe-and-sound operations through a range of conditions, including stressful ones. The LFI rating system applies to bank holding companies […]

Webinar: Data Monetization for Banking

In this webinar, we will share an overview of what does Data Monetization means for Banking?   Industry experts will discuss how YDC leverages your data assets to increase revenues, reduce costs and manage risks in the regulated banking industry. You’ll learn more about how this platform measures the impact of risk reduction from a compliance plan and the reduction […]