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Financial Services Data Monetization for the Large Financial Institution Rating System

The Large Financial Institution (LFI) rating system is governed by the United States Federal Reserve Board. LFI provides a supervisory evaluation of whether a covered firm possesses sufficient financial and operational strength and resilience to maintain safe-and-sound operations through a range of conditions, including stressful ones.

The LFI rating system applies to bank holding companies with total consolidated assets of $100 billion or more; to all non-insurance, non-commercial savings and loan holding companies with total consolidated assets of $100 billion or more; and to U.S. intermediate holding companies of foreign banking organizations with combined U.S. assets of $50 billion or more.

The LFI rating system has three components: 1) Capital Planning and Positions, 2) Liquidity Risk Management and Positions, and 3) Governance and Controls. Each LFI component rating is assigned along a four-point scale: Broadly Meets Expectations, Conditionally Meets Expectations, Deficient-1, and Deficient-2. There is a strong presumption that a firm with a “Deficient-1” or “Deficient-2” rating will be subject to an informal or formal enforcement action by the Federal Reserve, including a limitation on dividends and stock buybacks and restrictions on acquisitions.

The YDC platform assigns a value to Key Data Elements (KDE) and lists that information on a Data Balance sheet. 

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