Operationalizing Data Economics Using Bigeye for Data Observability

Alex Scroggins CTO, YDC

The YDC website allows companies to see an estimated value of their data. After understanding your company’s data value, the logical question to ask yourself is: “How can I maximize my data’s value?”

Increasing the quality of your data is one proven way. However data quality is more of a problem detection technique: wouldn’t it be better if you could prevent data quality issues to begin with? That is one of the goals of data observability.

Data observability monitors your data infrastructure and data pipelines constantly and alerts you when anomalies or specific events you define occur. Bigeye is a data observability platform to assist in maximizing the ROI of your valuable data assets so you are doing “more data engineering, less data firefighting” as the Bigeye tagline suggests. A common workflow to get started with Bigeye quickly includes the steps below:

1. Connect to a data source

2. Deploy metrics

3. Set notifications

4. Manage issues

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