LPL Financial’s Aggregate Advisor Lifetime Value is 99% of Market Capitalization | Client Lifetime Value is based on Conditional Probability of Advisor Churn

Sunil Soares, CEO & Founder- YDC | Max Moeller, Data Analyst – YDC

LPL Financial Holdings Inc. (Ticker: LPLA) is a U.S. Fortune 500 asset management firm with over $1 trillion in brokerage and advisory client assets and servicing more than 19,000 financial professionals. Based on our analysis, LPLA has an average Advisor Lifetime Value (Advisor LTV) of $695,655 and an average Client Lifetime Value (CLV) of $2,263. The aggregate Advisor LTV represents 98.6% of LPLA’s market capitalization, which we refer to as the YDC Intangible Asset Index (IAI).

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