iRobot Corporation Customer Data is Worth 97 Percent to 219 Percent of Total Company Value Since Being Acquired by, Inc.

Sunil Soares CEO- YDC | Max Moeller Analyst -YDC

In August 2022,, Inc. (ticker: AMZN) announced the acquisition of Roomba vacuum maker iRobot Corporation (ticker: IRBT) for $1.7 billion. This acquisition would potentially provide Amazon with another connected-home product and deep ties to consumers’ homes. Amid growing concerns about Amazon’s access to consumer data and market power, the United States Federal Trade Commission has reportedly paused the transaction as of the date of this report.

This report focuses exclusively on the data economics of the proposed transaction without regard to any legal implications. Based on our analysis, the online retailer would gain customer data between 97 percent to 219 percent of transaction value based on cross-selling iRobot products to five to 20 percent of the Amazon Prime customer base.

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