DexCom Aggregate Customer Lifetime Value is Equivalent to 13.1 Percent of Enterprise Value

Industry Research Report

Sunil Soares, CEO & Founder- YDC   DexCom, Inc.(Ticker: DXCM) is a U.S.multinational company offering Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) products for diabetes patients. Unlike most other life sciences and medical devices companies, DexCom has a lot of information about its end users.  Based on publicly-available information, Dexcom has an Aggregate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of […]

DMIᵀᴹ Index for Life Sciences

December 17, 2021   Summary The DMI Index for Life Sciences varies by industry and company: Pharmaceutical companies like Merck and Johnson & Johnson have DMIs Index in the 6%-7% range Smith & Nephew has a DMI Index of 30.1%, the only pure-play medical device company in our analysis although we did also factor in […]

Valuation of Life Sciences Clinical Trial Data and Data Balance Sheet Using YDC

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect Clinical trials generate data that has an uncertain value. A trial may or may not be successful, and it may generate revenues that are uncertain. We leveraged YDCᵀᴹ to develop a valuation model for Phase III clinical trials for an oncology (cancer) drug. As a first step, we created a Clinical […]