DMIᵀᴹ Index for Utilities

December 13, 2021 Summary Most publicly-traded utilities in the United States have a DMI Index of up to 1.2 percent. Deregulated utilities tend to have a higher DMI Index compared to regulated utilities.  A higher DMI Index is generally preferable across companies and industries. By way of reference, internet companies have a higher DMI Index […]

Customer Data Valuation: American Electric Power Ohio

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect We conducted a valuation of American Electric Power’s (AEP’s) Ohio customers using details about its Ohio subsidiary, Ohio Power. We wanted to use actual company information as an illustrative use case to calculate customer value. (We used only publicly available information and had no conversations with the company.) In October […]

Valuation of Utility Smart Meter Data

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect Since the inception of electricity deregulation and market-driven pricing throughout the world, utilities have been looking for ways to match consumption with generation. Traditional electricity and gas meters were read only on a monthly or quarterly basis. These meters measured only gross consumption and gave no insight into when the […]