Driving Informatica Business Adoption with Financial Metadata for Report Certification in YDC

In this blog, we will review how the YDC Data Valuation Engine (www.yourdataconnect.com) supports Informatica business adoption by adding financial metadata to reports.

In a previous blog, we discussed the use of YDC to quantify the financial benefits of compliance with the Large Financial Institution (LFI) rating system from the United States Federal Reserve. YDC assigns an overall value to the LFI program and then distributes a share to key components including Key Data Elements (KDEs) and report certification.

The YDC Data Valuation engine has now assigned an overall value of $82,387,800 to the report certification program (Figure 1). As discussed earlier, report certification is a component of the overall LFI program along with KDEs. Each report has a criticality level of Critical, High, Medium, Low or Undefined. YDC assigns a weighted average valuation of $1,098,504 per criticality point. In addition, reports have certification weights – Level 1 (25%), Level 2 (50%), Level 3 (75%) and Level 4 (100%).

Figure 1: Report valuation in YDC

YDC ingests the report metadata from Informatica Axon (Figure 2). For example, the Inflation report is Critical with Level 2 certification. As a result, this report is valued at $5,492,520 (10 Critical Points x $1,098,504 per Criticality Point x 50% for Level 2 Certification).

Figure 2: YDC ingests PowerBI report metadata from Informatica Axon and adds valuation information

Let’s now discuss how this “financial metadata” is sent back to Informatica Axon. To begin, Informatica Axon and EDC ingest the business and technical metadata relating to PowerBI reports (Figure 3). 

Figure 3: Uncertified PowerBI report in Informatica Axon

Informatica Axon then kicks-off report certification with a business lineage attestation task assigned to the data steward (Figure 4). 

Figure 4: Business lineage attestation task assigned to data steward in Informatica Axon

The financial valuation of the report is now sent from YDC to Informatica Axon as a custom attribute (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Level 2 certified PowerBI report with custom valuation in Informatica Axon

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