DMI ᵀᴹ Index for Telecommunication Services

Sunil Soares CEO YDC | Max Moeller Data Analyst YDC

September 7, 2022


Verizon Communications Inc. (Ticker: VZ) and Charter Communications, Inc. (Ticker: CHTR) have a DMI Index of 14.25% and 11.12% respectively. The DMI calculations are based on  customer data only and rely exclusively on publicly-available sources. 

A higher DMI Index is generally preferable across companies and industries. By way of reference, internet companies have a higher DMI because most of their enterprise value is derived from data. For example, Google’s DMI is 93 percent because it generates most of its revenues from advertising based on user interaction data.

The DMI Index is the value of a company’s data relative to Enterprise Value, while the IAI Index is the value of all data-intensive intangible assets relative to Enterprise Value. Enterprise Value is a key metric used in the investment community and is calculated as equity value plus long-term debt minus cash. 

The DMI Index and IAI Index scores for both companies only consider customer data, and would be significantly higher if additional data assets relating to equipment, geolocation, and call detail records were also included.

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