Webinar: Data as an Alternative Investment

We have all heard of the 60/40 asset allocation rule. An investor should put 60 percent of their investment portfolio in stocks and 40 percent in bonds.  During these days of higher inflation, your investment adviser might recommend that you allocate a portion of your portfolio to other assets such as real estate, gold, or, even cryptocurrency.

That got us thinking. Why wouldn’t investors think of allocating a portion of their investment portfolio to data?

There are several case studies in this regard. Several airlines pledged their loyalty programs as collateral to raise cash during last year’s COVID-19 shutdowns. For example, United Airlines raised $5 billion by pledging its MileagePlus loyalty program at an implied valuation of $21.6 billion. Industry insiders estimate that customer data is worth 20-40 percent of the value of an airline loyalty program. This pegs the value of United’s customer data in the range of $4.3 billion to $8.6 billion.

The YDC team has developed a DMIᵀᴹ Index that represents the value of a company’s data relative to its Enterprise Value. YDC offers a publicly-available portal with information about data valuations for hundreds of public companies in the United States. 

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