Webinar: Data Economics – Customer Lifetime Value Example from Retail Banking

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Data Economics – Customer Lifetime Value Example from Retail Banking. During this 30-minute webinar, Sunil Soares will walk through a case study that covers the following topics: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Methodology Decomposition of various CLV components including Net Interest Margin, Cost to Serve, Cost to Retain and Cost to Acquire Relationship between Cost to […]

Webinar : YDC Data Economics & Collibra Data Intelligence

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During this thirty-minute webinar, our team demonstrates how the combination of YDC Data Economics and Collibra Data Intelligence can help CDOs manage data products. YDC leverages up-to-date Data Economic signals including Data Valuation, the Data Monetization Index, and Data Products to demonstrate the financial value of data to the Board of Directors and to the […]

Webinar: Data Economics for Loyalty Programs

Industry Research Report

  Speaker: Sunil Soares CEO/Founder By many accounts, intangibles make up 80% of the enterprise value of S&P 500 companies. Traditional definitions of intangibles include goodwill, customer lists and intellectual property but DO NOT include data.  For many Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies, loyalty programs generate data that have significant value. In this webinar, we will discuss […]

Webinar: Data as an Alternative Investment

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We have all heard of the 60/40 asset allocation rule. An investor should put 60 percent of their investment portfolio in stocks and 40 percent in bonds.  During these days of higher inflation, your investment adviser might recommend that you allocate a portion of your portfolio to other assets such as real estate, gold, or, […]

YDC – Bloor Research Webinar: YDC’s Next-Best Actions for Data Monetization Recommendations

  In our joint webinar with Bloor Research, where we will discuss understanding how YDC’s next-best actions for Data Monetization Recommendations.   Daniel Howard, from Bloor Research, will give his perspective on Data Monetization. Our YDC team will provide an overview of the new capabilities around the Recommendation Engine, which recommends the “Next Best Action” […]

Webinar: Proving Governance Value through Data Monetization

  In this webinar, we will discuss how to gain a further understanding of theimportance of Data Monetization within your Data Management Practice.  Nader Anaizi, Director of Data Governance at a leading manufacturing organizationwill guide you through: Transitioning from a Data Governance Practice to a Data Monetization Practice. Elevating your Executive Level conversations through using […]

Webinar: Data Monetization for Banking

In this webinar, we will share an overview of what does Data Monetization means for Banking?   Industry experts will discuss how YDC leverages your data assets to increase revenues, reduce costs and manage risks in the regulated banking industry. You’ll learn more about how this platform measures the impact of risk reduction from a compliance plan and the reduction […]

Webinar: Providing Enterprise Value Through Data Monetization

A discussion about the challenges of the Chief Data Officer and Data Management Teams to show how their efforts enhance revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk. The session reviews Data Monetization through the lens of Financial Metadata including Data Balance Sheet, AI-Driven Data Valuation, Data Risk Registry and Data Exchange.Hosted by Gregory Smith, Regional Sales Director, […]

Webinar: Demonstrating Quantifiable Financial Benefits from Enterprise Data Management

About the Webinar Data monetization is a cross-functional discipline that draws from best practices in Enterprise Data Management (EDM), technology, legal engineering, and finance to leverage data to increase revenues, reduce costs, and manage risk. EDM programs have generally found it extremely difficult to get senior management buy-in the absence of regulatory pressures or the […]