YDC Recommendation Engine Leverages Data Engineering for Data Monetization Insights

A number of our clients love YDC’s Data Balance Sheet and Data Valuation Engine (www.yourdataconnect.com). However, the next question is whether YDC can recommend specific data monetization insights based on its industry experience.  Enter, the YDC Recommendation Engine, which is a new module to drive data valuation and monetization insights using internal and external data.  […]

Quantifying the Russian Federal Data Localization Law in YDC

In 2014, the Russian Federation enacted a new law requiring data on Russian citizens to be stored within the geographical boundaries of Russia. Under the Russian Federal Data Localization law, in addition to just storing the data, companies are required to segregate their data in ways that comply with the specifics of the legislation. This […]

Operationalizing Financial Services Data Monetization for the Large Financial Institution Rating System with YDC

The Large Financial Institution (LFI) rating system is governed by the United States Federal Reserve Board. LFI provides a supervisory evaluation of whether a covered firm possesses sufficient financial and operational strength and resilience to maintain safe-and-sound operations through a range of conditions, including stressful ones. The LFI rating system applies to bank holding companies […]

Aligning Data Monetization to Financial Metrics

Sunil SoaresCEOYourDataConnect In a recent blog, I questioned whether CFOs consider the Chief Data Officer to be accretive or destructive to Enterprise Value.  Data Monetization efforts yield results across four dimensions: Grow Revenues Reduce Costs Manage Risks Improve Cash Flows There is a potential fifth dimension in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) but […]

Valuation of Life Sciences Clinical Trial Data and Data Balance Sheet Using YDC

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect Clinical trials generate data that has an uncertain value. A trial may or may not be successful, and it may generate revenues that are uncertain. We leveraged YDC to develop a valuation model for Phase III clinical trials for an oncology (cancer) drug. As a first step, we created a Clinical […]

Making Data Monetization a Boardroom Imperative: Mapping to Enterprise Value

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect yourdataconnect.com I have been involved in many data management projects. The #1 challenge in most data management projects is driving business adoption. The key issue with adoption is mapping data management initiatives to quantifiable business benefits. We just announced our latest release of YourDataConnect, which includes an Enterprise Value feature. This […]

Data Monetization for the Supply Chain – Illustration from ConAgra Brands

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect yourdataconnect.com Data monetization is critical to different aspects of the business. Supply chain is no exception. To illustrate, we reviewed the 2019 investor data presentation by Dave Biegger, chief supply chain officer at ConAgra Brands, Inc.1 (We use this information for illustrative purposes only and have had no discussions with the […]

Valuation of Utility Smart Meter Data

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect yourdataconnect.com Since the inception of electricity deregulation and market-driven pricing throughout the world, utilities have been looking for ways to match consumption with generation. Traditional electricity and gas meters were read only on a monthly or quarterly basis. These meters measured only gross consumption and gave no insight into when the […]

Valuation of Employee Data: Case Studies from LinkedIn and Workday

Sunil Soares CEO, YourDataConnect yourdataconnect.com Data valuation is the process of assigning value to datasets. Data valuation is the first step towards data monetization – you cannot monetize data unless you have valued the data. In this case study, we use publicly available information to value employee data using LinkedIn and Workday as examples. LinkedIn […]