Saudi Data Infographic

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October 13, 2022 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has established the National Data Management Office (NDMO) within the Saudi Data & AI Authority (SDAIA) to define how data should be used effectively and impartially within the kingdom. The NDMO mission statement refers to data as the new oil. The YDC team used publicly-available information […]

DMI ᵀᴹ Index for Telecommunication Services

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Sunil Soares CEO YDC | Max Moeller Data Analyst YDC September 7, 2022 Summary Verizon Communications Inc. (Ticker: VZ) and Charter Communications, Inc. (Ticker: CHTR) have a DMI Index of 14.25% and 11.12% respectively. The DMI calculations are based on  customer data only and rely exclusively on publicly-available sources.  A higher DMI Index is generally […]

YDC Complimentary Data Economics Assessment

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Introducing the YDC Data Economics Assessment Valuation of one data product or one business case Inputs using publicly-available information only to limit your initial exposure Offer available to any company in any industry within the U.S. or internationally Offer consists of three 30-min calls comprising scoping, initial draft and final presentation

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value on Azure For Real Estate Property Management

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Alex Scroggins Khushboo Mehta Data economics is an emerging discipline concerned with quantifying the economic benefits of data.  An example of how a company can put data economics into practice is by using its data to calculate lifetime value (CLV) of its customers, then using CLV (and other attributes, such as credit score) to segment […]

Introducing the IAIᵀᴹ Index

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June 27, 2022 Sunil Soares   Market studies have shown that intangibles comprise 90 percent of the value of S&P 500 companies. Traditional definitions of intangibles include goodwill, customer lists, loyal employees, brand recognition and intellectual property but often exclude data. Intangibles are often extremely valuable. For example, in 2011, Google paid $12.5 billion for […]

Operationalizing Data Economics Using a Data Mesh with Starburst

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Alex Scroggins CTO, YDC / Jasmohan Singh Narula, Senior Solution Architect, YDC   Data mesh is an emerging architecture that can be used to operationalize data products within your company. It allows the company’s various teams to create data products from virtually any data source, minimizing the data engineering that is required for traditional architectures […]

A Cross-Industry Inventory of Data Products

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Sunil Soares CEO, YDC March 20, 2022 Data products are quite topical these days due to the popularity of so-called data mesh architectures. A data product is an application that uses data to achieve a business objective such as revenue growth, cost reduction, risk mitigation, or cash flow enhancement.  The value of a company’s data […]

Data Monetization:<br>Converting Data Sets into Valuable Data Products

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Sunil Soares, CEO YDCAlex Scroggins, CTO YDC The DMIᵀᴹ Index is a key metric that measures the value of a company’s data to its Enterprise Value or Market Capitalization. The YDC team has produced DMI scores for several large, publicly-traded companies. The DMI Index can be increased through the creation of data products. A data […]

DMIᵀᴹ Index for Airlines

December 14, 2021   Summary Most publicly-traded airlines in the United States have a DMIᵀᴹ Index between 11 to 12 percent. A higher DMI Index is generally preferable across companies and industries. By way of reference, internet companies have a higher DMI Index because most of their enterprise value is derived from data. For example, […]