Data Governance 2.0

A Data Monetization Platform

A front-end to all of your data.


A single user interface with workflows, integrations, dashboarding, and fine-grained security to increase revenue streams, reduce costs, and reduce risks of your data assets.

Data Monetization Solutions

YourDataConnect leverages accelerators to drive business value for Collibra, Informatica, Alation, Salesforce and other platforms.


Why YourDataConnect?

Business-Driven User Interface

“We love your User Interface, it would be perfect in front of Company A”
- A Large Global Pharmaceutical Company
“We love your workflow capability”
- A Large Insurer
“I wish we knew about YourDataConnect when we were making our data governance tooling decision two months ago”
- A Large Healthcare Provider

Business Use Cases

“Company B does not have a cloud offering for data governance”
- A Large Utility
“Company A sends five sales engineers each of whom works on their own module, Company B did not understand the IDMP regulatory use case”
- Another Large Global Pharmaceutical Company

Time to Value

“You built our cloud data marketplace in eight weeks, IT told us it would take two years”
- A Fortune 500 Bank & Insurance Company
“We bought Tool A three years ago but only have four users, our CIO wants to know what we are getting out of our investment”
- A Custom Home Builder

Data Privacy

“We wish we would have bought YourDataConnect before Tool A. Our commodities desk buys weather data, Our equities desk buys stock price data. We don’t want each desk to see the other’s data. In addition, the Enterprise Data Management team should be able to view the price for each data set. Company A cannot do this but YourDataConnect can because of the strong foundation.”
- A Large Hedge Fund

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